IT is not just for fixing computers. It’s security! Most people believe IT to be the source of all their hardware and software problems at work. If their internet, computer or applications stop working, they call their IT department, which is fine because it is part of their field of work. The fact is that IT at work does a lot more than just fix our computers and internet. They are at the frontlines of protecting company data, employee and customer information, network systems and all things related to the cyber security of your organization.

IT Is Security

Whether your organization is big or small, has an in-house IT department, outsources IT solutions or has no IT at all, everyone needs cyber security and IT helps provide it. The security you get from your IT department can range from basic and essential to advanced and over-the-top. In any case, they help provide whatever level of cyber security suits your needs. Moreover, they can help guide staff and customers on the best practices of cyber security that prevent cyber threats from damaging your systems or compromising your organization. All this is part of cyber security, which is why IT is security. It is security of the modern kind that protects organizations from malicious software, cybercriminals and hackers alike.

How to Best Utilize IT

Your IT is best utilized through communication and cooperation. Your IT knows the kind of threats that prevail around information and technology systems. By simply communicating with them, you can identify the weak spots of the systems in your organization. They can tell you exactly what you need to do to protect these areas of weakness and improve your cyber security. For example, if your network is unprotected, they may suggest strong passwords and software that isolates and protects the network of your organization. Similarly, if you have issues in data storage and protection, they may install firewalls or suggest outsourcing your data needs to a reliable Managed Service Provider.

Is IT Expensive?

Many organizations fear that IT poses big expenses but this is not true. While having an in-house IT department may not be in every organization's budget, IT services are readily available to small businesses at very affordable prices. Even startups can afford essential IT services by outsourcing their needs. Money should not be the deciding factor when it comes to the security and integrity of an organization and its data. In fact, IT helps you save more money in the long term.

Some IT providers even show you the return on your investments (ROI). You can outsource high-quality IT services for a fraction of the cost of having an in-house IT department. This is all possible because IT has quickly become an essential part of any business and IT providers scale their services.Today, services like cyber security, data management and storage, maintenance and much more, can all be outsourced for minimal costs.

What We Do

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