The modern world is moving at an extremely fast pace, ask any baby boomer and they will tell you the things they've seen. From humble telegrams, mechanical machines and electronic calculators to lightning fast 5G services, machine learning and super computers.We've gone through a lot and it is only natural to not know about every development in the world. That being said, it is, however, more important than ever for organizations to educate their employees and customers about potential cyber threats and how to avoid them.Let's discuss Cyber Security Awareness, why public and private organizations need it and how it helps protect them from cyber threats.

What Is Cyber Security Awareness?

Cyber Security Awareness is the core foundation of a cyber security sub section known as 'End-User Education'. It helps protect any cyber threats that are caused by users of information and technology systems of an organization.It achieves this by spreading knowledge, or 'awareness', of common cyber threats and cyber security best practices, which employees and customers can employ.It is by far the most effective tool in the cyber security arsenal due to the fact that around 90 percent of cyber attacks occur because of users. This is a huge percentage, which can easily be brought down to a minimum, if people are simply aware and responsible enough.

Why Do Public & Private Organizations Need it?

There is essentially only one concerning reason why any organizations, private or public, need Cyber Security Awareness and that is to avoid losses. These losses include loss of functionality, data, commercially sensitive information, credibility, customers, investors and finances.If these sound like organization-crippling losses, that is because they are exactly that. When a public or private organization is under a severe cyber threat, they may potentially lose everything they have worked hard to build.Which is why they need overall cyber security, which includes cyber security awareness for their employees and customers as well. Even the most secure organizations can fall victim to cyber threats if a user compromises their systems by clicking on a wrong link or opening the wrong email. 

How Cyber Security Awareness Helps

Here are just a few ways cyber security awareness helps organizations protect themselves from various cyber threats, attacks and crimes.

  • Phishing Scams

If employees know how to correctly identify and report a phishing scam, they will never compromise cyber security, on the contrary, they will help bring the responsible cybercriminals to justice.

  • Malware

If employees and customers know how to avoid downloading malware from online sources like bad links and emails, organizations can avoid threats of viruses, denial of service attacks, system failures, ransomware and much more.

  • Identity Theft

If employees know the markers of identity theft and how to accurately verify identities, organizations can prevent financial losses, commercial scandals and even corporate espionage.

  • Remote Working & Mobile Devices

With the rise of remote working, cybercriminals are targeting organizations through remote working employees and their mobile devices because they know it is easier. If employees are aware of how to employ best cyber security practices to avoid this, they are less likely to compromise their organizations.

What We Do

Ransom Shield is a premier cyber security company. We are experts in cyber security with decades of experience in large-scale network security, serving professionals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies alike.We work closely with executives and technical staff to improve processes and develop detailed security solutions. We believe education is the first step toward prevention, which is why we provide free educational seminars and material to make you understand where you are at risk.We even provide cyber security solutions to organizations and their employees in the form of training, phishing and malware awareness and mobile device security training.If you want to learn more about cyber security awareness programs, want access to our free seminars, free material, or simply want to learn more about Ransom Shield, please visit our website today.

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