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Past Cyber Events

Cyber Security Professional Meet-Up26 Jan 2023170 Northside Dr SW suite 96, Atlanta, GA, USA
Virtual Cyber Security Awareness11 Jan 2023Online Event
Cyber Security Professional Meet-Up01 Dec 2022170 Northside Dr SW suite 96, Atlanta, GA, USA
Virtual Cyber Security Awareness10 Jun 2022Online Event
Ransom Shield DEMO DAY-Emory Startup Accelerator28 Apr 2022Emory Hatchery
Surviving Ransomware18 Oct 2021
Guest Speaker-GTC-Information Systems Security Association19 Mar 2020Gwinnett Tech College
Skill Share: Cyber Security Awareness17 Mar 20204115 Clairmont Road, Chamblee, GA, USA
CyberSecurity Awareness Program-No Registration Necessary01 Oct 2019231 Sycamore St, Decatur, GA 30030, USA
Why Should Logistics Companies Focus on Cybersecurity?

With the increase in digitization of supply chain companies and logistics, along with the initiation of technology-enabled solutions from cloud computing, data analytics, AI, and IoT for effective functioning, the sector has largely been drawing the attention of cybercriminals and hackers.

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Why Should Film and Media Companies Focus on Cyber Security?

Click here to learn about what media and broadcast production companies are facing across the new environment of evolving platforms.

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Ransom Shield - Emerging Cyber Security Company

Click here to learn about cyberattacks, cyber security and what you can do to protect your business and its sensitive data from cybercriminals.

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IT Support Is Not Just for Fixing Computers. It’s Security!

Click here to learn how IT does more than just fix computers for organizations and how it can provide much-needed cyber security.

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Hackers Targeting Microsoft Exchange and SolarWinds and How It Affects Everyone

Click here to learn about the recent hacks on SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange and how such cyber attacks affect everyone.

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Why is Cyber Security Awareness Important?

Click here to learn why public and private organizations need to ensure their employees and customers stay aware of cyber security.

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What is Ransomware?

Originally known in academia as "cryptoviral extortion", ransomware targets sensitive or proprietary data in your network, captures that data, and then demands a "ransom" for its safe return. These attacks are becoming ever more prevalent with government, corporate, educational, and small business networks invaded every day.

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